Itter as a process supplier

Itter concentrates on the process of supplying aluminium parts to OEM’s and main suppliers. Itter chooses for a differentiation strategy based on modest growth with professionalizing of the primary process. Professionalism stands for a high rate of reproducibility and real-time information about the status and performance.
Product-Market combination
Itter supplies machined aluminium parts/profiles. Itter has expertise on the process of high-frequency milling that enables the possibility to machine long profiles without changing its shape. Itter wants to focus on customers who are appreciating a high degree of control over the primary process and a clean way of working. This means that Itter is already a supplier in the copier, semi-conductor and machine building industries.
Batch sizes.
Itter aims at several batch-sizes in order to use the following disciplines optimal:
1.       Large batches in order to maintain high machine occupation
2.       Series to gain high margins
3.       Single pieces to stimulate the real profession people
ICT is seen as an important component that can improve the professionalizing of the primary process. The developments in the ICT makes it possible to show users realtime information about the process. In the future this information should be not only real-time but also everywhere and always accessible. Having access to this type of information is seen as a contribution to the professionalizing of the company activities.

A customer, employee and/or other parties involved can always access the currents status and performance of a specific process. This real-time process information is a way to strive for perfect control of the production process.